Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Safe Food Mela, Chennai -24th June 2012

Safe Food Mela in Chennai would be conducted in the Semmozhi Poonga on the 24th June 2012 with participation from many organic outlets across Chennai, organic farmer groups, wom en’s groups, individuals and other safe food enthusiasts. This mela will show case various safe food options, stalls that show the ills and effects of pesticides and other poison in our food, traditional food, millets as way of healthy practice, organic food produce/products, sustainable agriculture, etc.

Many farmer groups and celebrities will be participating and endorsing this safe food movement which will be taken across to various cities. In Chennai many more events like screening of movies  followed by talk/discussion, safe food display and competitions, street plays, reaching out to public/public engagements at various public places like malls, beaches, etc  will take place.

Come Join! Be a volunteer or just Participate, propagate and benefit!

For more information, contact
Ananthoo, 09444166779

சென்னை செம்மொழி பூங்காவில், ஜூன் மாதம் இருபது நான்காம் தேதி பாதுகாப்பான உணவு விழா 


……is a movement for change amongst Indian farmers, consumers and the government to ensure that all Indians have access to safe food. This movement is being spearheaded by ASHA (Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture) across the nation and SFA across TN.

Today, Indian agriculture consumes hundreds of toxic chemicals which end up contaminating various natural resources (water, soil etc.) and our food. 

Studies indicate that our vegetables, fruits, staple cereals and pulses, meat, milk, eggs and poultry, in addition to drinking water and processed foods/beverages are all contaminated to various degrees. The residues of chemical pesticides that we are exposed to in numerous ways are also reflected in the “body burden” that we carry, as different studies show (‘body burden’ is the load of toxic chemicals and contaminants from various sources and through different exposure routes, in our body)

Epidemiological studies also indicate that pesticides are correlated with environmental health disasters unfolding in particular pockets of the country. There is also much that is wrong with the regulatory system and approach related to chemical pesticides in the country.