Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Images from the 'Quit India Monsanto' protest in Chennai

The QUIT INDIA MONSANTO campaign in Chennai was organized by SAGE and Women's Collective on 9th Aug 2011 in front of the Memorial Hall (Opp. Govt. General Hospital). The members of the Collective shouted slogans and a few speakers urged the new State government to put a stop to all GM trials in the State and ensure that Tamilnadu is made a GM free state.
The small gathering attracted much attention and the colourfully attired protesters distributed handouts to the passer by many of whom stood to listen to the speeches in the busy road amidst bustling traffic. The police men on duty too were sympathetic to the cause, and, as one of them in the end observed, "it is sad that we don't get much crowd for such genuine causes, others call for gatherings promising biryani and liquor and large crowds turn up, these are the important issues"!  Reports of protests from other parts of Tamilnadu too are coming in, Sirgazhi had a crowd of over 120 people gathered and more than 500 people signed a petition to the Chief Minister, in Tanjavur farmer's held a demonstration as also in Tiruvarur, Puliyangudi and other parts. In Chennai, several city colleges are screening 'World According to Monsanto' and having discussions around the same with members of SFA and other organizations. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

9th August Quit India Movement: Quit India Monsanto Campaign

This 9th August, on the day Gandhiji called 'Quit India' to alien rule in India, SFA joins the ASHA network partners across India on, "Quit India Monsanto" campaign and the Kisan Swaraj Week that follows.

Details of different programmes across the State in this blog shortly...