Friday, January 22, 2010

'Pass Resolutions on Bt Brinjal in your Grama Sabhai meetings on 26th Jan'

Thiru. Jeyachandran is one of the most respected, organic farmer and former Panchayat Leader in Tamilnadu. He hails from the Maduranthagam region. He has called for the comprehensive rejection of the Bt Brinjal by all villages in Tamilnadu and use the power of the Panchayats to express the same. In the following video,he calls for the farmers and villagers to reject the GM crop and pass resolutions requesting the Chief Minister to reject it for the entire state when the Grama Sabhai congregates on the 26th of January.

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k.m.chandrasekaran said...

Good idea. but must have come early. because this is too short time to alert village panchayats. If this message was given earlier media might have spread widely. Today already 24 and only one day is left.

Anyway it is good idea to pass resolution in Gram panchayats, as the Central govt considers they are the actual decision making bodies, atleast becasue their mentor Rajiv Gandhi intiated it.

Is it possible to send the message to all the media before 10 a.m. monday?